HB 542

Title: Act amending the act of March 4, 1971 (P.L.6, No.2), known as the Tax Reform Code of 1971, in sales and use tax, further providing for definitions, for imposition of tax and for exclusions from tax, providing for marketplace providers and marketplace sellers and further providing for remote sales ...
Author: Rep. W. Curtis Thomas (DEM-PA)


Referred to FINANCE 02/17/2017
Reported as amended 04/25/2017
First consideration 04/25/2017
Laid on the table 04/25/2017
Removed from table 04/26/2017
Second consideration 05/08/2017
Re-committed to APPROPRIATIONS 05/08/2017
Re-reported as committed 05/09/2017
Third consideration and final passage 05/09/2017
Referred to FINANCE 05/15/2017
Reported as committed 06/26/2017
First consideration 06/26/2017
Second consideration 06/27/2017
Re-referred to APPROPRIATIONS 06/27/2017
Re-reported as amended 07/26/2017
Third consideration and final passage 07/27/2017
(Remarks see Senate Journal Page 881-887) 07/27/2017
Referred to RULES 09/08/2017
Amended in House Committee on RULES 10/03/2017
Re-reported on concurrence, as amended 10/03/2017
Re-committed to RULES 10/17/2017
Re-reported on concurrence, as amended 10/17/2017
House concurred in Senate amendments, as amended by the House 10/17/2017
(Remarks see House Journal Page 1673-1678) 10/17/2017
Re-reported on concurrence, as committed 10/25/2017
Senate concurred in House amendments to Senate amendments 10/25/2017
Signed in House 10/25/2017
Signed in Senate 10/25/2017
Presented to the Governor 10/26/2017
Approved by the Governor 10/30/2017

Bill Text
11/02/2017 - HB 542 (Printer%27s+No+2598)
10/17/2017 - HB 542 (Printer%27s+No+2598)
10/03/2017 - HB 542 (Printer%27s+No+2536)
07/27/2017 - HB 542 (Printer%27s+No+2259)

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    Rep. W. Curtis Thomas (D-PA)
    () - State House

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