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counselor problem

Author: Anonymous (Fresno County)
Posted: 02/21/2015 @ 3:50 pm
I was seeing a vet center counselor for a while and was assigned this counselor because she was the only one who worked after 1630 and was available on Saturdays, no other counselor there was able to work with my schedule. After a few months all of a sudden my counselor just decided that she did not want to deal with me anymore, and it was brought up that she was the only one that could see me when I worked, but she didn't care, and for a lack of a better world abandoned me. That would not have been to bad, but then after I was assigned a new counselor and meet him because I was off work for a few days went over my work scheduling issues, and figured out that I could no longer be seen. The part that screwed me up was that the counselor I was seeing had to tell another counselor to tell me that I was not to even speak or talk to her anymore, and if I see her at the vet center I half to turn and walk away, and pretty much go pout of my way to avoid her at all cost for her emotional issues. So basically I was informed I was not to be there the days she worked, and while she was the one who worked the crisis line at night and weekend I was not able to call because I'm not allowed to talk to her. Basically my counselor developed some type of emotional issue against me, and because of this I'm no longer able to be seen at vet center. I can't even speak the counselors name or even get close to the facility without getting severely sick to my stomach, and had made many of my issue to get worse because of what my counselor did. Worst part about the whole thing is that while she is a VA employee, because she is a female counselor, they say that she cannot be held accountable for her actions, even though it has caused my issues to get worse, and I have developed more because of what she did, and the fact that the VA dose not even care that this happened.

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