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Midland Incline Mats (Models Pc 2792D/e/s/x)

The Midland Incline Mats, models PC 2792D/E/S/X, are wedge shaped mats designed to encourage participation in rolling, tumbling, and crawling exercises, and may be utilized individually, or as part of an obstacle activity. The mats are made of urethane foam with an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal covering of 18-ounce vinyl coated nylon. SIZES: Small (PC 2792S), Medium (PC 2792D), Large (PC 2792E) and Extra Large (PC 2792X). DIMENSIONS (WxLxMaximum Thickness): 23 x 37 x 14 inches (Small), 36 x 72 x 1

Ucs Incline Mats

Large wedge shaped mats. DIMENSIONS: From 23 x 37 x 14 inches to 60 x 84 x 18 inches.

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