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Fashions For Casts

Fashions for Casts are cast covers designed for use over fiberglass casts. Available for arm or leg casts, each washable cast cover is constructed of quality fabric with four-way stretch, allowing the cover to fit snugly over the cast. The covers can be hand washed and towel dried. SIZES: The arm cast cover is available in child small, child medium/large, adult small, adult medium, or adult large, or custom size. Measure length and width for leg cast size. COLOR: Arm cast covers are available in

XeroSox Waterproof Cast Cover

The XeroSox Waterproof Cast Cover is a cast or bandage cover designed for persons with a leg or arm injury that use a cast. This product allows the cast to get wet. The vacuum seal can be checked at any time by seeing a dimple in the pump. The cast cover can be used for postoperative physical therapy after surgery as it helps to prevent swelling and stiffness. Cast can be used to cover prosthetics. The built in pump allows the user to see if the vacuum seal is still intact. Has a non-skid surfac

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