Dining Chair

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Adapted Dining Chair

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide seating with sufficient postural support to enable a young adult with Down syndrome to eat at a dining table. An existing dining room chair was adapted for this purpose by adding seat inserts. The padded back and seat inserts were built from 12-millimeter plywood and covered with fabric-covered foam. The seat insert was attached to the chair seat using screws and the back insert was attached with webbing straps, two around the back of the chair and one unde

Custom Dining Chair

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable an individual with short stature to sit comfortably while dining. A custom-designed wooden chair was built. The seat height is the standard 45 centimeters from the floor; however, the seat depth is shallower than is standard to enable her to sit comfortably and be supported by the chair back. The chair has a lacquered finish and an upholstered seat. A small matching wooden stool was also built, which the individual can use to step up to get on to the chair a

Dining Chair With Torso Support

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide support while eating for an individual with Parkinson's disease who leans to the right when fatigued. The dining chair was created from a standard office chair with a high back and a central metal back post. Because the chair was intended only for use over short periods, a single thoracic fin was added to adapt the chair, rather than the usual pair of fins. A plywood mounting plate was fixed to the right armrest and the back of the seat with metal brackets.

Modified Dining Chair

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable an individual who uses a walker and has upper extremity weakness to transfer safely to a dining chair for meals. The individual required a chair that enabled her to sit and then swivel into position and lock the seat in position for eating. A standard office chair with a five-legged star base was purchased. To ensure the chair would be safe and stable during transfers, the existing casters were removed and replaced with rubber feet. Because the left armrest

Modified Dining Chair

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a custom adapted dining chair for a young woman with Dravet syndrome, an intellectual disability and epilepsy. Her seizures are severe and hard to control. When the young woman was younger she use to sit at the kitchen table using a high chair but as she got older, she outgrew the high chair and now needed a new way to sit comfortably at the dinner table. Upon initial evaluation, the assessment team tried a TAD Michelle Tilt-in-Space Supp

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